Thursday 29 NOVEMBER 2018 at 1pm
Woodville Auditorium

Lunchtime Classical: Camiel Boomsma

Pianist Camiel Boomsma is nominated for the GrachtenfestivalPrijs 2018 (Grachtenfestival Award 2018)! The Grachtenfestival Award is a yearly award for a young musician who excels in his/her profession and is noted for his/her exceptional talent.

What reviewers say about Camiel:
There is more than one musical truth. But there is only one musical essence. To posit a truth takes conviction, to ‘release’ the essence takes patience and insight. Camiel Boomsma possesses a rare gift for this… In terms of depth Boomsma’s adult approach can be compared with – by the way very different interpretations – Lupu, Pires and Afanassiev” – Pianowereld/Muze, December 2017 

“He grants the music the time to pierce into the souls of the listeners. Thoughtfully, sensitive for the smallest turn of atmosphere, he plays the sonata as if in a dream. But next to all the sensitive reflections, Schubert’s sudden demonic bursts get the expression they deserve too. Nothing is hidden, all sound matured from beginning to end. Delicacy and a singing tone also meet in the three nocturnes and an impromptu by Chopin. What strikes is the timing of the rubato, when the pianist plays a subtle game with the forcing messure of the metre. This CD is one of the Musical Surprises of the year” – Klassieke Zaken Magazine, November 2017 

Every harmonic turn, subtle or completely unexpected, is emphasized by Boomsma in a completely natural way .. the music comes to life through these colour changes” – Luister Magazine, December 2017 

Very reflective and poetic performances which dig deep into the soul both of Chopin and Schubert” Pizzicato, 20-11-2017 

Compare Boomsma’s view of Schubert’s 21st piano sonata with that of the Polish piano God Krystian Zimerman (also just released) you know that it cannot be ignored. Zimerman plays brilliantly and sterile, with Boomsma the notes flow philosophically. Zimerman sometimes goes like bang, bang, bang, Boomsma has got velvet attached to his fingers. Where the Pole speaks of willpower and ambition, the Dutchman speaks of acquiescence and death” – 4* Volkskrant, Guido van Oorschot, October 2017. 

What Boomsma does is profound and mature. In one word: beautiful” – Klassieke zaken 25-3-2016 

A very gifted pianist” – Severin von Eckhardstein

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